About Us

We believe that the Firm’s success is due to our responsiveness and dedication to our clients, as well as the unyielding application of our guiding principles:


First and foremost, Fridge & Resendez is a firm of trial attorneys. While many “litigators” rarely or never go to trial, all of the attorneys at Fridge & Resendez have significant trial experience. In the recent past, Fridge & Resendez has handled multiple trials and large arbitrations. Our firm was formed as a trial firm and that philosophy still guides our attorneys today. Our willingness to go to trial, combined with our desire to avoid unnecessary litigation costs and expenses, allows us to offer our clients focused and efficient representation. Our firm always seeks a beneficial resolution of claims without engaging in a final adversarial proceeding; however, we never shrink from trial and are ready and willing to resolve our cases in the courtroom when necessary.


Our attorneys have experience in State and Federal courts throughout Texas, as well as in forums across the United States and internationally. This experience assures our clients exemplary representation in every stage of the litigation process regardless of the forum.


Fridge & Resendez combines big firm experience with the personalized attention associated with smaller firms. As a client of Fridge Resendez, you can expect to speak directly with your attorney throughout the litigation process and will receive frank and timely communications regarding your case. We believe client communication is a key component in implementing an informed and personalized strategy geared towards the successful resolution of each case.


Fridge & Resendez is a trial firm. Specifically, Fridge & Resendez handles all categories of litigation as well as client specific transactional work. Fridge & Resendez represents both Plaintiffs and Defendants equally. Because all of the attorneys at Fridge & Resendez have experience working at large law firms, we have the ability to objectively analyze cases from both perspectives. Each attorney at Fridge & Resendez is invested in the outcome of your case. While our attorneys will not hesitate to work together to best utilize their various strengths in representing our clients, we also streamline our cases in order to operate in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Though our clients benefit from the team of attorneys handling their case, we do not use two attorneys to do the job of one. This benefits our clients and assures personalized attention and accountability from our attorneys.